Nostradamus had made this prediction before Baba Vanga, 500 years ago, he had told what troubles would come in 2022


Nostradamus Predictions 2022: The predictions of Bulgaria's mystic Baba Vanga are often discussed, but do you know that Nostradamus, the world's greatest prophet, had made many big predictions about 500 years ago, Many of which have proved to be true so far.

Assessing the prediction of Nostradamus, the third wave of the year 2022 was also mentioned, which can have a bad effect. (Please tell that these predictions were made by Nostradamus about 500 years ago and Zee News does not confirm its veracity.)

Nostradamus had predicted severe inflation in the year 2022 and said that inflation would get out of control. Let us tell you that inflation is at its peak in many countries. Nostradamus also predicted a sharp fall in the US dollar.

According to the prediction of Nostradamus, the year 2022 will bring peace after heavy destruction. However, before this peace, there will be 72 hours of darkness in the whole world. Apart from the heavy snow falling on the mountains, there were also predictions about war in many countries.

Nostradamus had predicted the fall of an asteroid in the sea in the year 2022, which could cause severe waves and cause huge destruction on Earth. Because of this, many countries are in danger of drowning.

Nostradamus had predicted in the year 2022 about floods and storms and many other natural disasters, which would cause huge destruction. Let us inform that at present, the situation is getting worse in Pakistan due to floods and more than a thousand people have died.

Nostradamus predicted a catastrophic nuclear explosion in the year 2022, about 500 years ago, that could cause climate change and change the Earth's weather. Apart from this, many changes can be seen due to the explosion.

Nostradamus Predictions made predictions about Hitler's regime, World War II, the 9/11 terror attack and the French Revolution, which have come true. Let us tell you that Nostradamus was born on 14 December 1503 in Germany and died on 2 July 1566.

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