Copenhagen Metro: You can even take a bicycle inside this metro train, you will not need a car for the rest of your life


Carry your cycle inside metro train: Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is counted among the cleanest and best cities in the world. People here ride more and more cycles in everyday work, so they stay more healthy. Those traveling in Copenhagen's metro train are allowed to take a bicycle with them (Copenhagen Metro allows Cycle). In India too, such a trend is slowly starting to happen. In such a situation, by looking at the pictures of the metro train of Denmark, we understand how this campaign started.

In the Corona era, people of many countries of the world have started riding bicycles to stay healthy. This not only saves money but also does not have to resort to public transport. On the other hand, if we talk about Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, the Copenhagen Metro has been allowed to take the metro train along for a long time. The reason for the decision to approve bicycles with the metro is given by the Danish government itself and the administrative officials of the cities there. 

Danish administrative officials say that by doing this, pollution in the country is controlled to a great extent and on the other hand people remain physically fit. Talking about the local people of Copenhagen, they are also very happy with this trend and completely agree with the opinion of the government. After the end of the restrictions of the Corona period, metro and local train services have been increased in countries around the world including Denmark. In such a situation, the people here with great pride enter the metro train with their pride ride i.e. cycle.

The people here are very disciplined. They do not make any hustle and bustle to board the train. People park their cycles inside the train neatly like a cycle stand and get down on arrival at their station. While doing this, they take care that because of them no one should suffer any kind of trouble.

Bicycles are easily available at almost every station on the Copenhagen Metro. There is also a trend of getting bicycles on rent here. Many people park their cycles outside the metro stations there too. At the same time, while returning in the evening, they take out their bicycle and reach home while driving it.

This trend has started slowly at some metro stations in India. It started from South India. Where this practice has started in Bangalore Metro and Kochi Metro. You can travel in Bangalore with a foldable bicycle. At the same time, Kochi Metro has allowed passengers to carry bicycles in the train.

Talking about Kochi Metro, this decision will make it easier for the commuters to go here and there after traveling in the metro. It also aims to promote cycling in the city. According to the news of our partner site India.com, at the beginning of this project, only 6 stations will be allowed to enter cycles for passengers. These include Chhangampuja Park, Palarivattam, Town Hall, Ernakulam South, Maharaja College and Elamkulam Metro Station. These stations will allow the entry and exit of passengers with cycles.

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